Yellow Muscat (Muskat Zuti) by Vina Laguna (case of 6)


VARIETAL – 100% Muscat
TERROIR – Position Vižinada, planted in 2006, height 140-180 m/nm, tilted hillside terrain with E and SE exposures. White soil on flysch, fresh and deep. Increased tilted fresh and airy position is ideal for the production of aromatic white wines, allowing full maturation while keeping the distinctive floral aroma of Muscat with balanced amount of sugar and acid.
VINIFICATION – Manual harvest, grape cooling and pressing with a brief stay in the press in order to maximize the aroma of the skin, but at the same time limit the extraction of unwanted bitter and colored substances from the skin. Slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks at the temperature of 12-14°C, at the time of the desired relationship of unfermented sugar and the alcohol fermentation is stopped by rapidly cooling and the removal of the yeast in order for wine to continue its development in refrigerated stainless steel tanks for the following 6 months.

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TASTING NOTES: Crystal clear, easy light-yellow color, easily identifiable characteristic Muscat flavor, just like the Muscat grapes, reminiscent of basil, flowers, lime zest, and citrus. Gentle, soft, pleasantly sweet in the mouth, and intensely aromatic.

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