Tomislav Bolfan is one of the most important winemakers from the Zagorje area. Every year he wins awards at the Decanter World Cup awards ceremony. As Tomislav says; the peak in wine production is  completely natural wines and we wish to achieve that by implementing a 100 % natural method of vine growing, followed by processing must into wine”.
Fresh wine, different mineral and fruity natural aromas, flowery varietal fragrances, for people who look for more, people who can recognize the difference. Bolfan Vinski Vrh’s philosophy is that wine is made for personal pleasure, relaxation, socializing and special occasions/moments.


Vines have grown at the site of Bolfan Vinski Vrh, Croatia, for thousands of years. Dating as far back as the Roman Empire, the Bolfan Estate has been the site where many wines have been produced and tasted. With thousands of years to practice their craft, it’s no wonder this charming winery is home to so many award-winning wines.

The Four Soils Project

Four distinct soil types have been identified in the Cattunar vineyards by a panel of five scientists:
1.Žmergo location is on gray soil (“siva zemlja”), a dusty soil with 25% of lime share.
2.Škrinjarilocation is on black soil (“crna zemlja”), which is, in fact, brown soil on the marl stone.
3.Grun location is on red soil (“crvena zemlja”), a typical Istrian terra rossa.
4.Škrilne location is on white soil (“bijela zemlja”), which is of similar composition to gray soil but with a larger share of lime (27%).

Unique Variety

Due to the four soils phenomena, the Cattunar family are proud to be the first to produce distinctly different wines in the same vintage - in the same vineyard.

Sauvignon Blanc (Organic)

€84 6 Case
  • € 14.00 Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc (Organic)

VARIETAL – 100% Sauvignon Blanc
VINIFICATION – 100 % natural method of vine growing, manual grape selection, followed by processing must into wine. Alc. 12%. R.S. 1.5.g/l, Acidity. 6,1g/12.
ABOUT – A wine with straw yellow color, vegetable notes of green pepper and tones of meadow herbs such as nettles. The minerality and freshness, along with fullness give the wine extra complexity. Serving Temperature: 10 – 12 degrees Celsius.
FOOD CONTEXT – smoked trout on a next of lamb’s lettuce, cold carpaccio wit arugula,  roasted chicken/turkey staffed with herbs, seafood risotto/pasta.

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VARIETAL – 100% Teran
VINIFICATION – long maceration 90 – 120 days
ABOUT – Young Teran is a fresh, fruity rich wine filled with primary aromas, made to be enjoyed in large quantities: when you are thirsty and white wine does not appeal, slightly chill this Cattunar Teran, fire up the bbq or the grill and enjoy with meat dishes/fish. Its combination of summer fruits, freshness and energetic scarlet color could seriously make your day!
FOOD CONTEXT – Enjoy with a regular meat grill or try it with prosciutto, various dried sausages or salami, young or medium mature cheese, fried sardine or smelt, “brudet“ (a fish stew) or try it with pizza.

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Teran Price

€79.20 6 Case
  • € 13.20 Bottle

Chardonnay Price

€75 6 Case
  • € 12.50 Bottle


VARIETAL – 100% Chardonnay un-oaked
VINIFICATION – manual grape selection, cold maceration, pressing, fermentation, sur lie.
ABOUT – The wine features a straw yellow color, crystal clear and partially fruity  – the initial nose is a floral fragrance followed by white peach and citrus notes and a small note of dry almonds. The wine is dry, of medium body,  partially soft and well balanced.
FOOD CONTEXT – This is a wine made for oysters, yolk caps, mussels, white grilled fish, but also wonderful with classically cooked rice. Wild asparagus, when in season will pair superbly with this mineral chardonnay.

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