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If you ask anyone in Croatia about Croatian wines they will probably tell you that Croatian wines are the best in the world. You’ve got it, Croatians are very proud of their fine wine and recognize it as the nectar of the gods. You know what they say; there is only one chance to make a good first impression.

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    Most Popular from the Store (Bottle/Case of 6)

    Teran, Vina Cattunar

    Fresh, fruity, rich yet light wine filled with primary aromas.

    Castello (Festigia Range), Vina Laguna

    Deep, dark-ruby color, fruity and spicy aromas of blackberries, blueberry, coffee, vanilla and caramel.

    Terra Rossa (Select Range), Vina Laguna

    Ruby-red color, blueberry and blackberry aroma, flowery aroma, distinctly fruity, soft, fresh, with pleasant durability and sweet tannins.

    MediTERANeo (Select Range), Vina Laguna

    Deep dark-ruby colour with purple hues, forest fruit berry aromas, fresh in the mouth, pleasantly long finish and strong fruit flavour.

    Cabernet Sauvignon Premium, Vina Rossi

    Deep dark-rubin colour with a strong, elegant and rounded taste. The aroma evokes dry figs and ripe cherry, with a hint of black pepper and dark chocolate.

    Pinot Grigio (Select Range), Vina Laguna

    Crystal clear, greenish-yellow color of fine white fruit aroma, apple, pear, fresh, harmonious, soft in the mouth with pleasant permanence.

    Chardonnay, Vina Cattunar

    This wine is perfect to go with asparagus, oysters, scallops, mussels, white fish on grill and classic risotto.

    Malvazija (Festigia Range), Vina Laguna

    Premium, crystal clear, greenish-yellow color with characteristic, flowery-citrus aroma, citrus note of tropical fruit, fresh and light in the mouth, extremely soft and smooth.

    Malvasia Istriana (Malvazija Istarska), Vina Rossi

    A crystal clear wine of greenish-yellow colour, with a scent reminiscing of acacia flower, apple, plum, and apricot. Rounded and harmonic taste.

    Malvazija, Vina Cattunar

    Goes perfectly with both, smaller blue and premium white fish, but also chicken and turkey dishes, white sauce pasta, frittata and polenta dishes.

    Perla Rosé (Sparkling), Vina Laguna

    Crystal clear, light and airy pink color, fresh aroma of berry flavors, refreshing, elegant, light and smooth taste with nice bubbling.

    Not all fine wines imported by Adriatico are listed on the website - please email if you require more information.Wine prices & vintages are subject to change.Minimum order: 6 bottles - Mix & Match.Free delivery in Dublin on orders over 250 €

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    Not all fine wines imported by Adriatico are listed on the website - please email if you require more information. Wine prices & vintages are subject to change. Minimum order: 12 bottles - Mix & Match available.

    Free delivery in Dublin on orders over 250 €

    Great wines tell a story.

    Enjoy the taste and elegance of Croatian wines. Your senses will be seduced forever.

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    New Trends.

    Speaking of the wine trends in general, for a long time it was about established fine wine regions and first growths. However, for a couple of years now things seem to be changing: wine drinkers are eager to experiment with different styles and varieties which brings them to unconventional fine wine regions and varietals. It’s where Croatian quality wines thrive.


    God created the Heavens and the Earth before he rested on the seventh day he raised a glass in celebration to honour the angels and declared Malvasia the official refreshment of the original DREAM TEAM. Malvasia is cultivated in the fertile soils of Istria, northwest Croatia. This garden of paradise is located on the sun-drenched rolling hills that cascade to the sea and kiss the crystal clear the Adriatic Sea. In the evening the cool sea breezes caress the vines and induce the exotic flavours that define the taste of Malvasia fine wine.

    Beautiful Istria, the land of fine wine.

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